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What Are the Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements in Colorado?

Colorado has implemented a continuing education requirement in order to maintain an active real estate license. Your real estate license is valid for three years and during that three-year period, you must complete 24 hours of continuing education credits. All hours must be completed prior to your renewal date in order to renew your license for another three-year term.

All real estate licensing matters in Colorado are governed by the Division of Real Estate. You can visit their website for additional information regarding your real estate continuing education requirements.

The overview below provides you with all the important information you need to know to fulfill your continuing education requirements before renewing your Colorado real estate license.

Three-Year Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal

Your Colorado real estate continuing education requirements are broken down into two different components:

You must retain proof of completion of your continuing education courses for at least four years to ensure you’re able to provide proof of completion if requested by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Annual Commission Update Course

As part of your license renewal requirements, you must complete the Annual Commission Update course every year. This four-credit hour course covers important information about recent regulatory changes and practice issues. As part of this requirement, you must:

Since the course contains important information regarding new statutes, rules, forms and current issues considered essential by the Colorado Real Estate Commission, agents are strongly encouraged to complete this course early in the calendar year.

If you don’t complete this course by December 31st of each calendar year, you won’t be able to make up that version. To meet your continuing education requirements for that three-year license cycle, you’ll need to complete one of the following alternate options:

Colorado Real Estate School offers the authoritative online version of the Annual Commission Update course presented in streaming video format instructed by an attorney who is the foremost expert in the state on Colorado license law and contracts .

Elective Courses

real estate continuing education courses The remaining 12 hours of your continuing education requirements consist of elective credits. Unlike the Annual Commission Update course, your elective credits can be taken at any time during the three-year period. You can take any combination of elective courses that are approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

At Colorado Real Estate School, we offer a wide range of continuing education courses that will meet your elective course requirements.

Continuing Education Requirements for Inactive Real Estate Licenses

If your Colorado real estate license has been inactive for over three years, you must complete one of the following two options to renew it:

Colorado Real Estate School Can Help You Fulfill Your Continuing Education Requirements

It’s important to stay current on your continuing education requirements to maintain an active Colorado real estate license. At Colorado Real Estate School, we have you covered. Our online continuing education courses are the most comprehensive and authoritative in the state, ensuring you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to succeed in real estate.

Our online continuing education courses are all video-based presentations featuring Colorado real estate experts teaching Colorado subjects tailored to Colorado brokers. We’ve partnered with some of Colorado’s premier attorneys, practicing real estate professionals, public officials and members of the state committees that create the Annual Commission Update to ensure you’re learning from the leading voices in the real estate industry.

Our advanced video format provides you with several important benefits:

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