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How Hard Is the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

If you’re interested in getting your Colorado real estate license, one of the most important steps in the process is passing the Colorado real estate exam. Whether you’ve traditionally been a good test taker or have found tests to be challenging, you may be wondering how hard the exam is.

According to the Real Estate Commission, the exam is designed in a way that “a minimally competent candidate” should pass. This means your average student, even without a prior background in real estate, is likely to pass with proper preparation.

However, a common pitfall prospective real estate agents make is taking the exam too lightly. Students who go to a good real estate school and take their education as seriously as they will take their new career will usually pass. Students who cut corners on their education often have difficulty passing.

What Is Covered on the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

There are two sections to the Colorado real estate exam:

The national section covers topics related to:

The real estate calculations portion of the National exam consists of eight questions (10% of the exam). These questions cover basic math concepts as well as calculations for transactions.

The Colorado section covers topics related to:

Learn more about the course requirements to get a real estate license in Colorado.

What Is the Colorado Real Estate Exam Passing Score?

passing score for the Colorado real estate exam You need to achieve the following scores on each section to pass the Colorado real estate exam:

If you don’t pass the exam on your first try, you can retake the test as many times as needed until you pass. You will only need to retake the portions you failed, so if you passed one of the two sections, you won’t have to retake that one the next time. Keep in mind that passing scores are only valid for one year. If you only pass one section, you must pass the other within a year in order to avoid having to retake both sections.

Discover 7 great study tips to help you pass your Colorado real estate exam on the first try.

Is There a Waiting Period to Retake the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

You can retake the portion(s) you did not pass as early as the day after receiving your score, based on availability at the testing center. You generally will receive your score immediately following completion of the exam, so theoretically you could retake the exam the same week.

That being said, rushing to retake any portions of the exam that you failed usually isn’t the ideal approach. There is likely a reason you didn’t receive a passing score the first time. Most likely, it’s an indication that there are certain sections of the material covered that you need to understand a little better.

Therefore, a better approach would be to analyze your test results, identify the areas where you struggled, and then put in the preparation time necessary to ensure you have a stronger grasp on that information before you retake the exam. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll pass on your second time taking the test.

It costs $42.50 each time you need to retake the exam, so making sure you’ve put in the proper preparation work can help you avoid paying this fee multiple times.

Colorado Real Estate School Can Set You Up for Success

online real estate courses to set up a successful career A passing score is within your grasp if you put in the prep work to learn the material covered. At Colorado Real Estate School, we can provide the foundation you need to not only pass the exam, but also build a thriving real estate career.

Our comprehensive online real estate licensing courses contain all the information you need to master the material covered on the Colorado real estate exam. Our courses are taught by licensed, practicing Colorado real estate brokers, and our VideoConnect Success Learning System™ contains the largest library of instructor-led video content in the state. When you view our videos, you’ll receive clear, comprehensive explanations of all course materials, making even the most difficult concepts easy to grasp.

When you sign up for our online real estate courses, you’ll also receive:

We also offer our Insider’s Ultimate Exam Prep System™. This comprehensive exam prep course contains a full suite of instructional aids to provide the additional support necessary to ensure you’re fully prepared to ace the exam on your first try. This test prep course includes access to our exam cram workshop, a live intensive eight-hour webinar with one of our instructors, where you’ll receive in-depth reinforcement on the topics that are most critical to passing the exam.

At Colorado Real Estate School, we’re truly committed to your success. To back this up, we’ve developed our TruSupport Pass Guarantee™. If you don’t pass the exam on your first try, you’ll receive extended access to all course materials. In addition, our instructors will analyze your exam results to develop a customized study plan that will help focus your efforts so that you can improve your results next time.

Contact us today to learn more about our online real estate courses and our exam prep course.

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