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Community Association Manager Licensing Course

Colorado Real Estate School offers the only instructor-led ONLINE license course available to fulfill the 24 credit hour educational requirement mandated by the State of Colorado to acquire your Community Association Manager license. Our fully ONLINE streaming video classes are available 24/7 in the comfort of your home or office. Whether you are currently working in this field or want to make it your new career, this is the course for you!

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Community Association Manager Licensing Course

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Exam Cram Workshop

We offer a one day live Colorado Exam Preparation Workshop at our offices to assist you in preparing for the Colorado real estate license exam. The next Exam Cram Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 9 am - 5:00 pm at our office located at 4155 E Jewell Ave Suite 405, Denver, 80222

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Passed both the National & State exam my first go in less than 3 months. I'm getting reimbursed for my testing fee by CRES. Wonderful experience all around with CRES. Highly recommended!!!

Lianne J., March 2019

Thank you Colorado Real Estate School! I followed your recommendations on how to study and approach your training. I felt very confident and prepared when I took the national and state exams and passed on the first try. Great training!

Fred M., March 2019

I chose CRES and am happy that I did. I love the mix of reading and video classes. They really helped clear up any questions on had. I would recommend the supreme package. The test alone were worth the little extra money. I completed my classes and passed my exam that 1st time in only 2 months.

Jessica, March 2019

Super easy to sign up. Navigation was a breeze, The sequential format was spot on. I interacted 100% online. I appreciated the levity your instructors interjected. Passed the CO State and National exams the first try. Thanks!

Daniel K., March 2019

Couldn't be happier that I chose Colorado Real Estate School for my education. I completed the course in four weeks, took and passed both exams on the first try and though it was a lot of work, found it very do-able. Great information presented conveniently online to work on any time of the day. Also took the exam cram and would highly recommend!

Kimberly B., February 2019

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and easy to follow program. I'm happy to say I passed my National and State exams on the first try! This definitely wouldn't have been possible without the quality of information you provide in your class, as well as the practice exams.

Eric Z., February 2019

Great online classes, tools and support. The CRES team are always available and there for you to make sure you are on a right path.The price that you pay, its worth every penny. Thanks again guys!

Nima S., January 2019

Great test scores on my state and national exams! The CRES team were more than accommodating extremely helpful and responsive when I had a question or needed further clarification. Each class has multiple narrated slides, some are interactive classes and many redundant exams which are the crux of the course and passing the State/National exam. I originally started with a less expensive course through another "RE School" and it was all powerpoint slides that one had to read everything to get anything. Legal ease and concepts are not the easiest to comprehend and need narration and a teaching technique that holds your attention and clarifies through examples and experience. This course did just that for me!

Ben A., January 2019

I chose Colorado Real Estate School because it seemed like a comprehensive, reasonably priced way to get my real estate license online. I completed the course work in 7 weeks and passed the state exam on the first try. I was very happy with the level of teaching and testing Colorado Real Estate School provided and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other students.

Stacie C., January 2019

I completed the course and took my state and national exam in 10 weeks and passed both on my first try. The course reading and videos are on point. The exams really help prepare you for the actual tests. I also took the 1 day Exam Cram Workshop and found it very helpful. Thank you CRES!

Leigh K., December 2018

This course works! I passed on my first try and have to give credit to the CRES team for great classes that are designed to not only get you the information you need to pass the test but also an understanding about how to be a successful Real Estate Broker! DO NOT forget to sign up for the Cram Workshop before your exam - invaluable all day study session with other candidates in a classroom setting. Thank you Colorado Real Estate School!

Loren P., October 2018

I am extremely happy with the services I received with my subscription to CRE! I took advantage of all of the classes and practice tests and was promised that I would receive reimbursement for the fee of the State/National test if I passed the first time. I did pass and received the reimbursement quickly and with no hassle. I used the phone support at times and Facebook. This is a great value and wonderful program.

Jennee S., September 2018

I purchased the course and passed the test on my first try because of the concise material provided. Whatever the company sends you to read, READ IT. All provided material had some question related to each section in the state/national exams. Thanks again CRES!

Wyatt W., August 2018

Great online school!! They always make sure to respond to any questions you may have about the material in a quick and timely fashion

Kendrick C., August 2018

Just wanted to say thank you to the Colorado Real Estate School for the wonderful education that I received. I graduated last Wednesday and then immediately signed up for the broker exam two days later on Friday. I passed on the first try and I was super excited! Thank you for enabling me to get started in my real estate career!

Christopher D., August 2018

OK, so 5 weeks ago I started school here, yesterday I passed with 85% on both national and state on my first try. Their teaching method does work! My only complaint is that I paid for the superior package just so I could have the hard Copy book to study and read from. But 75% off the reading material was from a different manual so I had to read off my laptop anyway. Overall I would recommend this place if you are doing online school!

Davis H., August 2018

I wanted to let you know that I took my Brokers exam on Saturday and passed EASILY! Thank you so much to the program that you offered. I felt incredibly prepared. I love the flexibility that your program offers, as well as the presentation. While it was not easy, it was worth all of the time and effort put in. I would recommend CRESchool to anyone.

Gabrie H., August 2018

I purchased the course and passed the test on my first try because of the concise material provided. Whatever the company sends you to read, READ IT. All provided material had some question related to each section in the state/national exams. Thanks again CRES!

Wyatt W., August 2018

Colorado Real Estate school is the most wonderful and compassionate company that makes a positive and direct impact on our local community. I run a nonprofit for people with disabilities who are experiencing all forms of abuse, specializing in domestic violence for women with disabilities. Colorado Real Estate School has sponsored our holiday party for our clients and their children for the last 6 years, in addition to donating time, energy, and money for our program to grow and expand. We are so grateful to this amazing company that cares for the community.

The Initiative Colorado, July 2018

Highly recommend this school! Tons of experience comes through in the teaching. Their pre-test course and FB comments helped my husband and I pass the test the first time!

Alayna K., July 2018

Wanted to thank you for the great course. I have been out of school a long time. Your course was very well done and I passed my license exams......on the first try! So excited to get my new career started!

Maureen W., June 2018

This is an awesome school, I highly recommend their online classes. I passed the exam the first time I took it, and the exam questions were very similar to the material presented in the online classes. The videos are super easy to listen to, and the material is very clearly explained. The test reviews were so helpful, thanks so much, CRES!!!

Erna D., May 2018

Colorado Real Estate School has an exceptional online learning program. It took me around a month to finish the wealth of material; the structure of the course really makes the content stick. After reading, watching an instructor led video, then taking an exam, you should have a great understanding of the topic. I felt really confident and highly prepared when I took my broker examination. I fully recommend this school to anyone looking to start their real estate career!

Daytwn S., May 2018

What a great experience, I followed the instructor's directions and studied the course, and aced both exams. Thanks CRES!

Scott S., April 2018

After much research and speaking to experienced real estate brokers, I chose Colorado Real Estate School based on the reviews and recommendations I received. This online program was easy to navigate and I completed all of my credits in 3 months, while working a full-time job. CRES gave me the tools and foundation to pass the exam on the first attempt!

Melani R., April 2018

I took this course all online and then took the Cram session at the end. It was very thorough and truly helped make the difference in the material really making sense. They make sure that you grasp the concepts so that any questions you are asked, make sense and you feel confident in what the answers are. I would recommend this school and Jon is a great instructor - very knowledgeable and cares about his students! I passed my exams on the 1st try because of CRES! I highly recommend them!

Danette C., April 2018

I looked at a few other places before I chose Colorado Real Estate School to help me with the 168hrs pre-licensing course. I like how detailed and clear from the course lectures and the questions after each lesson help with memorizing information. There are a LOT of information to learn about being a realtor and the School definitely helps! It took me a while to finish all the course because all the family reasons and the School is always on as long as I logged into my account! If I have any questions, I could always emailed the instructors and will get an answer just like that. The exam workshop is a must for those of you really want to pass the exam on the first try. It’s a long day but Jon (I finally met him in person) was patient, kind, generous with all his experience and knowledge to guide the workshop. I passed the Broker exam on my very first try. So give this school a try if you are thinking real estate career in CO

Jennifer S., March 2018

I went through their online school in about 5 weeks and followed their curriculum as intended. I also took the cram course they offer. Passed both test on the first try.

Wade C., March 2018

I was very impressed with CRES program. The training was intense but very effective, emailed questions were always answered quickly and with detailed explanations. Passed the test on the first try.

Dannie S., February 2018

Colorado Real Estates school was awesome! I highly recommend the cram session. I passed with flying colors.

Christy G., February 2018

Colorado Real Estate School is THE BEST!! The simplicity of completing the hours on-line, their thorough understanding of what will be on the tests, their years of experience in the industry, and their caring/quick/spot-on responsiveness make this real estate school the very best bang for your buck! I felt fully prepared, thanks to the live Exam Cram Workshop! I past the real estate broker examination (both state & national test) on my first try. I give CRES my highest recommendation!! Thank you to all at CRES that make it the best school out there!!

Beth A., February 2018

I passed my exam today and I just want to say you are in the BEST hands with Colorado Real Estate School. It is a fantastic online school. Please do me a favor and if you want to put less stress on yourself sign up for a 1 day cram session live classroom event! Also do everything they tell you in the Bonus Study materials including filling out all those contracts - in other words read the contracts. It absolutely works and you will pass your exam if you study and prepare - don't skip over anything - read all the material and Good Luck!! Great People, Great School and Great Training. I feel prepared and I am thrilled with this school.

Julia F., February 2018

I took the basic, home-study internet course. Took advantage of all the documentation that comes with it, took all the classes, did all the reading and followed their study advice. I aced the test first time.

Fernando P., January 2018

The instructors extensive knowledge of the real estate business combined with their decades of experience as an educator make this school hard to match. When you factor in their extensive presentation skills and local, responsive, caring support team, CRES is your obvious choice. EVEN IF you aren’t thinking about getting your license, the knowledge offered here could be invaluable to you in achieving your life’s investment goals.

Cal M., January 2018

I passed my exams yesterday and wanted to leave a review because I felt so prepared and was able to do really well on the first try thanks to CRE school. You can tell the instructors really sit for the test periodically and have great suggestions on how to succeed. They were always prompt and courteous in getting back to me and helping me when I needed it over the phone. It was great to be able to do it online and would definitely recommend them.

Jessica C., January 2018

CRES was great! The amount of educational experience paired with the accessibility and ease of doing it all online all was amazing. I felt very confident going forward going in to my state and national exams. I passed on my first try. What a great school. The price is hands down the best bang for your buck!

Joe Z., December 2017

I highly recommend this school! Before I started, I was overwhelmed with all the information I needed in order to pass the test. Once I logged into CRES on my first day, all my worries were unfounded. They have a very nice plan, easy to follow-step by step. All you have to do is follow the steps and you will know everything there is to know. Simple! With this you can also plan how many months/weeks you want to spend finishing the course work. I took my exam (first time) yesterday, and passed!

Cindy B., December 2017

I highly recommend CRES. They quickly responded to questions and guided me to the best option to pass the Colorado State portion of the exam. I signed up for the exam prep and passed the test 8 days later, missing only one question. Thank you, CRES you made the difference.

Kim S., November 2017

I was absolutely blown away by Colorado Real Estate School. Just went in to take my National and State Test and felt that I was more than prepared (and passed on my first try!) I was able to call into the school with questions and was supported through my online program. I highly recommend the crash course they offer to prepare for the tests, it was very helpful.

Gina M., November 2017

I love this school so much! They helped me to pass the broker exams within 2 months even though English is just my second language. Thank you for your support.

Ngan N., October 2017

You guys rock! I can't thank you enough. I did not complete my classes with you guys but I did purchase the online crash course. The course explained everything to me so much better than my original school I chose to attend, and the content was so updated and current with what is on both the state and national exam. I purchased the course a week ago, and after studying and using your materials every day, i am happy to say that I passed both the national and state exam today! Thank you so much! Without your help I don't think I would've passed.

Jessie B., September 2017

Self-paced real estate school that truly allows you to work at your own pace. From starting class to passing my exam was 30 days. BIG focus on test taking. Lots and lots of practice tests, which really helped me pass the state and national exam.

Seth J., August 2017

CRES was very thorough, comprehensive, easy to learn at your own pace, and completely prepared me for the exam. I passed the first time. They were also very responsive when contacted. I would highly recommend this school. Well worth the money.

Tricia D., August 2017

I would definitely recommend Colorado Real Estate School to anyone who is looking to get their license or continuing education! I went through the courses for a new licensee and the instructors were great answering questions and keeping us informed! It took me a little longer than I expected to finish and staff was wonderful at helping me out with my situation! I passed both the state and national exam the first time 2 weeks after completing the schooling! Really easy syllabus to follow and website is straight forward and easy to navigate!

Lindsey S., August 2017

I can't thank you enough. I did not complete my classes with you guys but I did purchase the online crash course. The course explained everything to me so much better than my original school I chose to attend, and the content was so updated and current with what is on both the state and national exam. I purchased the course a week ago, and after studying and using your materials every day, i am happy to say that I passed both the national and state exam today! Thank you so much! Without your help I don't think I would've passed

Jessie B., August 2017

Affordable on line course with a nice mixture of reading material, printouts, online video training and testing, all of which, prepared me well for the National and State Exams. Thanks to Colorado Real Estate School I was able to pass both on my first try. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start a career in real estate.

Claude K., June 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for offering such excellent materials and instruction. At times I thought my brain was going to melt from the overload of information. But as you say, repetition is the key to learning and the review of concepts in the beginning of each session was critical to my success. The work was challenging, and after 6 weeks of it, I finally finished all those stinking test questions - WOW! It prepared me well for the exams. I passed both first time with 85% and 83% (National/State). Thank you - excellent value for what you offer.

Shawn M., June 2017

I had a great experience with Colorado Real Estate School. The course is well laid out and I was able to finish it in a month and a half and pass the broker exam on the first try. I highly recommend the exam cram workshop - I believe it truly helped me to walk in to the exam feeling confident and knowing how to get through it all with success.

Ryan B., May 2017

Colorado Real Estate Schools' detailed curriculum and ongoing testing really "forced" me to apply the learning right away. The ability to review tests right away and have a record of them to go back and review was of high value. I have no problem recommending CRES as I was able to pass the State and National tests the first time. I was anticipating I could "find and getaway with" shortcuts along the way to save time. There are no shortcuts but if you put in the effort it will pay off

Bruce H, May 2017

I don't have enough good things to say about Colorado Real Estate School! The content is well organized and presented. I spent 2-3 hours studying per day and completed the course in 3 months. It was very helpful for me to be able to go back and review by taking the exams again. Thank you for a great program!

Avonlea G., May 2017

This school worked extremely well for me for passing the tests -- I got through the first time on both parts with scores in the 90th percentile. Also, there are "practical" sessions at the end of the course that have been very helpful to me as I start my practice as a real estate broker. The online format worked especially well for me because it allowed me to complete the course and pass the test in less than three months. And, as Jon promised during one of the lessons, I have kept my course materials close by and referred to them more than once out here in the real real estate world. Also, Pam is awesome about getting right back to you if you email a question. Here's a tip: when you first start taking the exams at the end of each class, you may feel confused because the questions don't always seem to cover the material you just studied. What you're doing, though -- from the very first class session exam -- is getting ready to take the state exams -- which is the whole point of taking the course. So just go with it and have faith. And, finally, I read a really good piece of advice from another CRESchool student: when you're ready to do your final preparation for the exam, go back through and retake all the exams for all of the sessions. And -- wow! -- is it fun to be a real estate broker. I think it's the best job I've ever had!!!

Cynthia P., May 2017

I purchased the premium package from Colorado Real Estate School and I think that it was well worth it. The self-paced online learning style worked great for my situation, and I was able to pass both tests on the first try with all of the study materials provided. I feel like I was well prepared with this course and recommend it to anyone looking to get their license.

Adam R., April 2017

This is a great school.. I was allowed to take classes when it was convenient for me and work at my own pace. I passed my exams on my first try ! Thank you!!

Luci L., April 2017

This is a great school if you're self motivated. If you work at it everyday and take the classes seriously you are almost guaranteed to pass the national and state exams. I finished the course in a month and passed the exams my first try! Thank you CRE!!!"

AJ L., April 2017

CRES is well worth the investment friends! This school will totally prepare you to take both the national and state exams. The online course is great and I always got prompt responses to my questions via. Email. It's probably one of the most difficult endeavors I've undertaken since college but if you follow all the steps in this course and what they recommend, you will be persevere! They get an A+ from this student!

Leonard C., March 2017

I have nothing but praise for Colorado Real Estate School. Working full time and taking the classes when I had time available was the way to go for me. I went rather slowly through the course, taking breaks when life was too busy. I stuck with it though. I made sure to take the exam cram workshop which helped prepare me for the test. I passed the test the first time and I know I couldn't have done it without the great class material and instructors. Thank you!

Michele D., April 2017