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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m thinking about getting a real estate license, but I am worried how the industry is being affected by COVID-19? Is it still a good time to get a license?

The real estate industry is nothing if not resilient and ever evolving! People will always be buying and selling and the industry, more specifically the people in the industry, are creative at implementing new strategies to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

In response to the challenges we all face trying to social distance, virtual 360 tours have helped sellers sell and buyers buy! This is just one of the many strategies that are helping real estate agents navigate this current crisis.

Real estate is always a viable career.

If I just want to get my license to sell to my friends and family or just to fix and flip, do I still have to work under a sponsoring broker for two years?

The short answer is yes. Regardless of your reasons for becoming licensed, anyone who gets a real estate license in Colorado – who is not already a broker with for at least two years in another state – must work under a brokerage for a minimum of two years. You will be able to do anything a real estate agent can do: buy, sell, etc., you just can’t do it on your own until you pass the two-year mark. The same is true if you are getting your license to work in property management.

Tell me about the refund policy


  • Full refund if a student cancels by notifying the school within (3) business days.
  • We want satisfied students, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will provide a refund per the Refund Table below, just notify us before completing not more than 75% of the course. 
Student is entitled to upon withdrawal/termination  Refund 
Within first 10% of program  90% less $99 cancellation charge 
After 10% but within first 25% of program  75% less $99 cancellation charge 
After 25% but within first 50% of program  50% less $99 cancellation charge 
After 50% but within first 75% of program  25% less $99 cancellation charge 
After 75% or upon course expiration (if paid in full, cancellation charge is not applicable)  NO Refund 
Is your school accredited?

We are accredited by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. When you complete your course you will get a Certificate of Completion – REC33 – that will qualify you to sit for the state licensing exam. To ensure your complete confidence, your paid tuition is protected by a bond from State Farm Insurance.

Where can I find information about fingerprinting and the steps to getting my license?

This topic is so important we’ve given it a dedicated webpage, complete with links, resources and videos. Go to “How To Get Your License” on our main page.

My friend and I both want to get our license. Can we share a course?

Your purchase is limited to single user access. Each person who sits for the exam must show proof of completion – REC33 – in their name, so you each need to complete the work through your individual account.

After I purchase, do I have to install anything on my computer to be able to access the course?

No, there is nothing to install. Our classes and exams are fully online. Once you purchase your class all you need is access to the Internet to immediately begin your studies.

If I order a package that comes with a hard copy of the textbook, when will I receive it?

All books ship the following business day after your order is placed. You will receive the shipment in two to four business days; expect an email with tracking information when it ships. However you don’t have to wait for your book! All of the reading is uploaded into the course, regardless of the package you choose. Once you purchase the course you will have immediate access to the reading.

I have been advised to clear my cache. What is that and how do I do it?

The cache is a temporary storage area into which browsers download web content and then feed it to you. Browsers are supposed to clear out the cache automatically, but sometimes they do not. When that happens there is not enough room to load our  classes. Clearing the cache makes this problem go away and makes your browser perform better. Click here to view an article that shows you how to clear the cache in most browsers:

Another approach – there is also a very safe, easy-to-use and free utility that will do this for you. It is called CCleaner. It clears temporary files on your computer including the cache. Click here to download CCleaner:

Am I allowed to retake my exams?

Yes, retake your exams as many times as you like.

Can I pause my exam, and come back to it later?

Definitely! Any paused or incomplete exam may be resumed at your convenience.

How do I reset my password?

When you login, you will see a link to reset your password.