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What Are the Course Requirements to Get a Real Estate License in Colorado?

In order to get your Colorado real estate license, you must complete of 168 hours of qualifying education courses and pass a state proctored license exam.  You can complete this coursework through any approved Colorado real estate licensing school. The goal of these courses is to ensure you understand the legal concepts associated with brokering a real estate deal, have the background necessary to provide your clients with proper guidance and prepare you for the State license exam.

Your 168 hours of pre-licensing education courses are broken down into the following categories:

Real Estate Law and Practice

The Real Estate Law and Practice course addresses the concepts covered in the national portion of the real estate exam. You’ll learn the fundamentals of real estate practice and the basic principles of real estate law that are common to all states.

In addition, this course covers a variety of Colorado-specific elements associated with real estate law and practice, including:

Colorado Contracts and Regulations

online real estate courses The Colorado Contracts and Regulations course provides a deep dive into:

Trust Accounts and Recordkeeping

The Trust Accounts and Recordkeeping course will ensure you understand the proper recordkeeping procedures required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. It also explains how to account for funds belonging to others, including the escrow process.

Current Legal Issues

The Current Legal Issues course exposes you to real-world issues that commonly arise during a real estate transaction. It covers a variety of problems handled by the Colorado Real Estate Commission, including:

Real Estate Closings

The Real Estate Closings course helps you develop the skills necessary to properly close a real estate deal. This includes all responsibilities from the time the contract is signed through the closing. It also covers:

Practical Applications

Colorado real estate license course requirements The Practical Applications course helps with many of the intangibles associated with building a successful real estate business. This includes:

This course also provides an overview of many of the basic practices required as a real estate agent, such as:

Colorado Real Estate School Can Set You Up for Success

If you’re interested in starting a career as a real estate agent, Colorado Real Estate School can provide the foundation you need to pass your exam and build a successful business. We offer comprehensive online real estate courses that meet all Colorado educational requirements for licensing. All content is developed by local, licensed real estate professionals, ensuring you learn the most relevant concepts and matters impacting our local real estate landscape.

In addition, you’ll benefit from our exclusive VideoConnect Success Learning System™ which contains the largest library of video content in the state. This highly engaging, instructor-led video content delivers an authentic classroom element that mimics an in-person experience in an online format.

We also provide exam prep courses to ensure you’re ready to ace your Colorado real estate exam. If for any reason you don’t pass your exam, our TruSupport Pass Guarantee™ gives you extended access to all course materials. Our team will also analyze your exam results and help you understand the areas where you didn’t score well. We’ll then work with you to develop a personalized test success plan to improve your results the next time you take the exam.

Contact us today to learn more about our online real estate courses.

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