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Does a Real Estate Agent Get a Commission When Buying or Selling Their Own Property?

Real estate is a commission-based industry. Agents typically don’t earn a set salary. Instead, they receive a commission on every deal they broker – both as a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent. The actual percentage of the sale price earned as part of this commission may vary based on the terms negotiated by the client and their agent.

But what happens when a real estate agent involved in the deal is also the buyer or seller of the property? Does this agent receive a commission?

Real Estate Agents Typically Save on Commission When Selling Their Own Home

In general, real estate agents don’t earn a commission when selling their own house since this would involve paying yourself. However, this is still a beneficial situation. By listing your own home, you’re able to keep a larger percentage of the sale price.

Although legally who pays the commission is negotiable between the seller and buyer, if we assume a 5.4% commission and the seller has offered to pay an even split of that commission between the agents, this will allow you to pocket an additional 2.7% of the sale price by not working with another agent to sell your home. Depending on the sale price of the house, an agent can potentially save thousands of dollars by listing their own home.

Real Estate Agents Buying a Home Have the Option to Take a Commission

When a real estate agent buys a home, they have the option to receive a commission. In some situations, you may find that by waiving your commission, you can negotiate a lower purchase price. However, there may be other instances where choosing to take a commission is advantageous. For example, if you have cash flow concerns, you can apply the commission to your closing costs and reduce the amount of money you need to pay at closing.

Ultimately, you’ll need to do some number crunching to decide whether you should take or waive your commission. The important takeaway is that these options give real estate agents greater flexibility regarding how to achieve the most financially advantageous situation when they buy a home.

Can a Real Estate Agent Sell Their Own Home?

can real estate agents sell their own home? Real estate agents are allowed to sell their own home. However, agents must follow Colorado licensing law when selling their own homes. In addition, any agent that is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) must also adhere to the code of ethics developed by the NAR. This code of ethics requires real estate agents who list their own property to disclose that they are the owner of the home to potential buyers. This disclosure should be included in the listing description, and it can simply state that the homeowner is also the listing agent or broker.

The ability to sell your own home as a real estate agent provides several important benefits:

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