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Test-Taking Tips For The Colorado Real Estate Licensing Exam

by Dana Garrett

Take your real estate exam as soon as possible after completing the Colorado real estate licensing course while the material is still fresh in your mind.

Do not try to memorize answers to questions! Know the concepts and definitions of your terms. This especially applies to the National side of the exam.

For the State side, know your contracts and forms backward, forward, inside out, and upside down. Most of your questions on the State side are on contracts and forms.

Do not spend the night before (or morning) cramming. Also, do not cram in the car right before walking in to take your exam! Pick a stop time and stick to it. Then let your brain and body relax, so you are fresh and ready when you take the exam.

Pick the time of day for your exam that is best for you. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes early at the exam center. If taking online, follow the guidelines set forth by the testing provider and be ready to go a few minutes earlier.

If you get stuck on a question, do not waste time on it. Mark it and come back to it. Spend your time answering the questions you are sure of when your mind is still fresh.

Sometimes as you progress through the exam, you will come upon other questions that will remind you of a previous question you were unsure!

After you have answered all the questions you are confident in the first time through, go back and review the ones you have marked. Hopefully, you know or remember a few more! If not, use the process of elimination to pick the best answer. If you are still unsure, select an option and keep it consistent through the rest you are uncertain of, like option C. Statistically, you will be more likely to pick more correct answers this way. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

If you put in the time and effort along the way, study hard, and grasp the material well, although it is a challenging exam, you should be well prepared to take and pass the Colorado Real Estate Licensing exam!

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