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What are Digital Certifications & Badges?

  Digital Certifications and Badges are similar to wallet cards and certificates; learners receive them when they complete a course or exam as proof that they have a particular skill or competence. Digital Badges complement certificates, and provide another way to represent achievements. They may replace certificates in the future but for now learners receive a certificate/wallet card, Digital Certification and a Badge. Simple. Portable. Flexible. Secure.

The Benefits of Digital Badges

Digital Badges are portable.

  Once a Digital Badge is issued, a learner can immediately transfer their Digital Badge to their smartphone using or download it to put in their 'personal backpack', a space unique to the learner that stores all of the badges they have earned, no matter where they were issued.

Digital Badges are Shareable.

  When a Digital Badge is earned, they can be shared with employers, co-workers, family, and friends using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Digital Badges and Authenticity

  Digital Badges are a proof of completion. For industry to rely on badges as a proof of accomplishment, digital credentialing needs to be secure and credentials need to be authenticated.

  Digital Badges are verifiable, which is the single biggest advantage of them over paper-based wallet cards or certificates. They are issued with 'evidence' that demonstrates how and why the badge was issued and when clicked on from the mobile application, website, email, or even in Twitter or Facebook, it brings the user BACK to the issuing web site, displaying the authenticity of the badge for proper verification.