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How to Find the Best Brokerage for You

Before applying for your Colorado real estate license, you’ll need to join a brokerage. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new real estate agent, as it will set the tone of your new business for years to come. For this reason, it’s critical to choose your brokerage wisely.

Don’t simply choose the first brokerage you reach out to. Instead, do your research and narrow down your options to a handful of brokerages that align with your goals and priorities. Then, take the time to interview each brokerage to determine which one will provide the framework and support to best set you up for success.

The following discussion will help you understand the nuances of choosing a brokerage.

Types of Brokerages

There are many types of brokerages you can join. Each has its pros and cons. Make sure you understand the difference between each type of brokerage to determine which option is best for your specific needs.

National Franchise Brokerages

National brokerages are large companies that license the rights to use their name, branding and business model to individual franchisees. These national companies also charge the individual brokers a set percentage for every deal closed by their office. While these individual franchise offices are independently owned, they follow the rules and regulations established by the national company.

You’ll most likely recognize the names of many national franchise brokerages, as they have branches in most major markets around the country. Some common examples include Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker.

national franchise real estate brokerage Advantages of a national franchise brokerage include:

Drawbacks of these brokerages include:

This option may be right for you if you:

Local (Boutique) Brokerages

Local brokerages, often called boutique brokerages, are smaller offices that are typically owned by a single broker. While these local brokerages are smaller in size, they still provide the ability for significant sales (and therefore earning) potential.

Advantages of local brokerages include:

Drawbacks of these brokerages include:

This option may be right for you if you:

Real Estate Teams

real estate teams The third option is to join a real estate team. These are led by an experienced, successful agent and are generally supported by other agents. While these teams are generally associated with either a national or local brokerage, they provide a different type of experience than simply working for one of these brokerages without being part of a real estate team.

Advantages of real estate teams include:

The primary drawbacks of real estate teams relate to the fact that you’re building someone else’s business. Many teams are created by super agents to expand their reach. It’s a good place to learn the business from someone successful, but it comes with the following caveats:

This option may be right for you if you:

Mentoring and Training

One of the most critical success factors impacting new agents involves the mentoring and training provided by their brokerage. While we discussed these items in general terms in association with the different types of brokerages, the important role they play in your success also makes it necessary to discuss these items on their own as well.


mentoring services for new real estate agents As a new real estate agent, it’s important to have a more experienced agent who has a vested interest in your growth and success, and who will be with you every step of the way as you complete your first few transactions. In general, this mentoring will come with a cost – either a per-transaction charge or a percentage of the commission for the transaction. However, this cost is well worth it, as proper mentoring will ensure you learn how to complete transactions properly and set you on a path to building a successful real estate business.

In addition to asking a brokerage whether they provide you with a mentor, you will also want to meet your mentor prior to joining the brokerage. This is important since not all mentors will provide comparable levels of guidance and support. When you meet with your mentor, make sure to ask the following questions:

You should also evaluate a few other important factors that will determine whether they will be an effective mentor to you:


There are certain basic skills you’ll need to learn as a new real estate agent, such as:

Make sure the brokerage you work with has a process for training their new agents on how to perform these tasks. In addition, you’ll want to know what kind of ongoing training is provided to ensure you’re always able to remain current on how to use the latest technology being adopted throughout the industry.

When researching potential brokerages, ask if you can sit in on a training class to get a sense of how the process works. Keep in mind that training doesn’t have to be done in-house to be effective. There are many ways a brokerage can provide this training. The important thing is to make sure their method is a good fit for your learning style.

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At Colorado Real Estate School, we’re committed to making sure you have all the tools and assistance you need to pass your real estate exam. Our real estate exam prep courses provide additional support to ensure you’re ready to ace your real estate exam. But if for any reason you don’t pass the exam on your first try, our TruSupport Pass Guarantee™ will make good on our commitment to your success.

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