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Finding a Job as a Real Estate Agent

The first thing to remember is as a real estate agent you will be in business for yourself. The State of Colorado requires you, as an independent contractor, to be supervised by a company for at least two years before you have the choice to become completely independent. The State wants someone looking over the shoulder of inexperienced agents to make certain inadvertent errors do not cause financial harm to clients as new agents learn their trade. For providing this and other services, real estate agencies generally earn a part of every commission for each property sold by their agents.

So, the process of finding a “job” is the exact opposite of becoming employed.

Real estate agencies are always looking to hire new associates, especially those who are motivated and willing to work hard. You will need your employing broker to sign your license application; it is always a good idea to get started on your search before completing your schooling.

What is the process for finding an employing broker? Some of you may already have a friend who is with an agency they love – great, ask for a referral and make an appointment to go tour the office and meet with the managing broker.

Others have no idea where to start. We have partnered with Realty Connections, a website that compares agencies in your area.


Realty Connection - Colorado Real Estate License School


You create a free account with them, see who in your area is bringing on new agents, and identify three or four companies to interview.

When you meet with an agency, your main focus will be to find out what they can do for you. Unlike a job interview where you want the employer to see how great you are, they will want you to see how great THEY are! Here are some pertinent things you will want to find out:

There are real estate agencies out there that run the gamut of features and benefits. With these tips you should be able to find a “home” for your license and begin your successful career!

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