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2024 Redline Contract and Legal Update




Presented by:

Attorney Damian Cox

(3 elective CE credit hours)















Course Description
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This is a recorded encore presentation of a live webinar given by Damian Cox, the foremost real estate license attorney in Colorado and as a member of the Colorado Division of Real Estate Forms Committee. This course will provide real estate brokers and agents with an understanding of the changes made to the 2024 contracts and new forms approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission due to legislation as well as the impact the antitrust lawsuits and investigations will have on the industry. You will not find a more authoritative source and engaging instructor than Mr. Cox. Attending this course will award you with 3 CE credits towards license renewal.

Please note that this class is for informational purposes, it is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.
This course is an edited version from a Live ZOOM session recorded previously with student participation







2024 Redline Contract and Legal Update Course video and Exam

No text is required for this course.

The COX Law Library is a special collection of Real Estate Continuing Education classes written and presented by Colorado’s foremost attorneys. Each class specifically addresses the issues facing Colorado real estate professionals in today’s market.

Colorado Real Estate Commission Approval: # 109773








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Instructor – Attorney Damian Cox

Mr. Cox serves on multiple form and education committees for the Colorado Real Estate Commission, including the committee that created these changes. Damian is a leading authority on the Colorado approved contracts. In his legal practice he represents more than twenty real estate brokerages consisting of over 2,400 real estate brokers.