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Ultimate Exam Prep Bundle

Ground-Breaking Real Estate License Exam Prep Tools

You want it all, you’ve got it. This package contains all of our ground-breaking real estate license exam prep tools. It features both the State and National versions of the Insider’s Guide Exam Prep Systems AND the Monthly Live Exam Cram All-day Instructor-led Webinar. There is no better way to study for the exam!

Please Note

This program is for review and informational purposes ONLY. No certificate will be issued. It is intended for those who have satisfied their mandatory educational requirements for a Colorado Real Estate License but seek additional help to pass the real estate license exam. If you have never held a real estate license please see our real estate licensing programs here Colorado Real Estate Licensing Courses. If you are uncertain of your educational requirements, you may check them out here How To Get Your License.

Online Interactive Program

This fully online interactive program will prepare you for what to expect on the STATE and NATIONAL sides of the important licensing exam and help determine if you are ready to test. Featuring our exclusive Adaptive Education method, it uses a step by step and easy to follow approach:

Step 1 – Discover which topics you are strong or weak in by taking our carefully designed assessment pretest.

Step 2 – Save time by focusing on your weaknesses. You will strengthen those areas by selecting any or all of our educational tools, including a review of critical facts on the exam with a bulletized outline

Step 3 – You have done the work, let’s make certain you’re ready! Take our second assessment post-test with a new set of questions to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed. Not quite ready yet? Rinse and repeat, you continue to have access to all our tools.

This system is the most comprehensive and unique in the industry. It has been carefully designed and tested to get you the help you need, where you need it, when you need it. We are confident it will prepare you! And you will be confident too with this ground-breaking tool!

Exam Cram Webinar

Spend a full day virtually 9am-5pm with one of our highly qualified instructors and join others in our intensive live Exam Cram Webinar. This webinar is typically offered on the second Saturday of each month. Highlights of the day will be test taking strategies and tips and a review of critical areas of the State and National exams. Bring your own questions!