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Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is not at all. As an online school we stream your course 24/7 and you can safely take classes from home. The company that proctors the exam, PSI, is closed to testing until April 13, and we are offering extension on courses that may expire soon so you can keep studying.


We are accredited by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. When you complete your course you will get a Certificate of Completion – REC33 – that will qualify you to sit for the state licensing exam. To ensure your complete confidence, your paid tuition is protected by a bond from State Farm Insurance.


This topic is so important we've given it a dedicated webpage. Click on "How To Get Your License" on our main page.


No, your purchase is limited to single user access. For security reasons, your exam purchase may include a question limit to protect us from password sharing. If you reach this limit, additional questions will be added providing your account does not show an abusive pattern.


On the home page of your student account you will go to the section marked: COURSES OFFERED. Select the course you purchased, click below the Purchase Now button where it says Payment Plan. You may purchase the next part from there.


No, our classes and exams are online. Once you purchase your class, all you need is access to the Internet to immediately begin your studies.


All orders are shipped the following business day from Denver via UPS. Delivery is usually 2 to 3 business days depending on your location. However you don’t have to wait for your book! All of the reading is uploaded into the course, regardless of the package you choose. Once you purchase the course you will have immediate access to the reading.


Yes, our site keeps track of every exam you take, the answers that you select and the scores for each exam. It also gives you performance benchmarks and lets you know how you are doing in all areas.


Yes, you can open and review any of your exams from the home page of your student account under REVIEW YOUR COMPLETED EXAMS.


Yes, a paused exam is stored in ***EXAMS IN PROGRESS*** on your course access page.


If you cannot remember your login information, click HERE and we will send that information to you to the email address you provided when you signed up.


There are times when the video opens behind other open windows. To determine if this is the case, minimize or close all your open windows. If the video is not there then you probably need to clear the cache in your browser and also make it another 100mb larger.

The cache is a temporary storage area into which browsers download web content and then feed it to you.  Browsers are supposed to clear them out automatically periodically and when the computer reboots, but sometimes they do not.  When that happens there is not enough room to load our very large classes (they are usually 200mb or so) and the buffering process gets hung up.  Buffering is the actual process whereby our classes are being loaded into the cache.   Clearing the cache out and making it larger tends to make this type of problem go away and as a side makes your browser perform much better.  Here is a link to a site that shows you how to clear the cache in most browsers.

Another approach - there is also a very safe, easy-to-use and free utility that will do this for you.  It is called CCleaner.  It clears temporary files on your computer including the cache.  Your PC will thank you for running as it has a tuneup effect.   Here is a link to download CCleaner:


You can obtain technical help by using the Contact Us link on the menu and sending a technical support request to us.

If you are a Standard or Enhanced package student you can receive instructor support by sending an email to It you have the Deluxe package, please email us or call 303.363.9882 for instructor support.

Navigating the PSI website: where you register for the state licensing exam can be tricky.
Here are the steps to register:
#1 After going to the site, click on Government/State Licensing Agencies
#2 Select Jurisdiction – Colorado
#3 Select Exam – CO Real Estate
#4 Select CO Broker if you never had a license (aka pre-license) and/or need to take both the state and national side of the exam.
Select CO Reciprocal Licensing if you are a salesperson or broker from another state and just need the state side
#5 You will then be prompted to create an account and register.


  1. REC33 GRADUATION CERTIFICATE. If have never had a license (aka pre-license) you must bring the REC33 graduation certificate we issued to you to prove you have completed your educational requirements. If you are required to bring a REC33 and do not do so, you will not be able to take the exam as scheduled, and you will forfeit your exam fee. Please note: agents from other states do not need to bring one.
  2. 2 FORMS OF ID. One ID must be government issued such as a driver’s license, and the other must have your preprinted name and signature on it such as a credit card.

If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, you must do that 2 days prior to your scheduled exam or you will forfeit your exam fee and be required to pay again. Please check out this link to see an outline of the exam:…/display_bulletin.jsp…