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Ins and Outs of Listing Contracts




Presented by:

Randy Hay

(2 elective CE credit hours)





Course Description
Instructor Bio

This course provides employing brokers with the necessary understanding of the seller/buyer contracts to properly advise their broker associates. We have engaged real estate managing broker Randy Hay to present and explain these challenges to you.

Please note that this class is for informational purposes, it is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.
This course is an edited version from a Live ZOOM session recorded previously with student participation

Ins and Outs of Listing Contracts course video and Exam

No text is required for this course.

The COX Law Library is a special collection of Real Estate Continuing Education classes written and presented by Colorado’s foremost attorneys. Each class specifically addresses the issues facing Colorado real estate professionals in today’s market.

Colorado Real Estate Commission Approval: # 108905

Instructor – Randy Hay

Randy has mentored, trained and supervised groups of realtors within offices ranging from 100 – 500 licensed agents, making sure they remain in compliance with Colorado Real Estate Commission rules. Randy’s courses are pertinent to responsibilities of real estate licensees.
Examples include proper utilization of the Colorado Real Estate
Commission approved forms, responsibilities to clients/customers, proper handling of paperwork from initial contact through closing, monitoring dates and deadlines to ensure the terms of the contract had been met, utilization of technology including specialized software programs and the Multiple Listing Service (Matrix), and interaction with individuals involved in transactions, other realtors, lenders, inspectors,
processors and closers.