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About Colorado Real Estate School

Our school was established based on a vision to move home-based real estate education from the Stone Age of correspondence schools to the modern world of the instructor-led Internet classroom.

Jon Farnlof, founder of Colorado Real Estate School, has more than twenty years experience in the real estate industry and in excess of thirty years as an educator.  Following a career in Information Technology, he became a successful real estate broker, a Director of Pre-license Education with Coldwell-Banker, a managing broker with a large Re/Max affiliate and founder of a fast growing property management company.  He is active on volunteer committees with the Colorado Division of Real Estate, a member of The Real Estate Educators Association and the Board of Directors for the Domestic Violence Initiative for Persons With Disabilities.   

Our faculty consists of licensed Colorado Real Estate agents who are credentialed instructors with considerable knowledge of the real estate industry. They have helped thousands of students pass their state exam the first time.

We are accredited by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. To ensure your complete confidence, your paid tuition is protected by a bond from State Farm Insurance.

Why Choose Colorado Real Estate School, LLC?

Q. Why Did You Start Colorado Real Estate School?

I started Colorado Real Estate School because I felt that there was not a single real estate school in Colorado taking full advantage of the latest Internet technology. We believed that this placed students at a tremendous disadvantage. We knew that these technologies could not only create a truly superior learning environment, but the development was faster, therefore it could be done at a lower cost than schools with older technology. We passed the cost savings on to the students. Its the classic American story - create a better product at a lower price.

Q. How Is Your Technology Different Than Other Schools?

We developed our classes using streaming video technology on an advanced T2 content delivery platform. In English this means it is reliable and can deliver a ton of video to your PC fast. This allows us to replicate the classroom environment by bringing instructor-led classes into the home. Prior to the development of Colorado Real Estate School, the standard instructional technology was to offer a glorified correspondence course. Hundreds of pages of dry law text displayed on a web page with test questions. Read - Fall Asleep - Wake-up - Read Some More - Take A Test. As a long-time educator I felt this approach was not the best choice with the amazing tools available to internet developers.

Q. Got Something Against Reading?

Laugh...not really. We provide text manuals to all of our pre-license students. Our students can decide to learn a topic by taking a recorded class, reading about it in a book or both. It's their choice. We believe that individual students know best how they learn. Giving students multiple learning paths provide them the best opportunity for success.

Q. Yet Some Of Your Competitors Advertise High Pass Rates on the State Test?

We've got a great pass rate ourselves, but we know that really doesn't tell the whole story of how effective a school is at educating students. A pass rate only tells you the rate at which students who pass the school's final exam, pass the State exam. Years ago we had a school in Colorado that had one of the worst pass rates in the State. They instituted an extremely difficult test that students had to pass to graduate. Overnight their State exam pass rate became one of the best in the state. I think it unlikely they became better teachers overnight; but I do believe they became great at eliminating students unlikely to pass the State test. We refuse to treat our students in this way. This is why we have worked so hard to invest in the types of technology that enable us to provide an innovative and flexible educational approach. Coupled with excellent support, we don't have to rely on questionable statistics to prove we are good.

Q. Is This A Bad Time To Start A Career In Real Estate?

Absolutely not!  Good agents are adaptable to any market climate.  When housing prices decline, agents involved in the foreclosure market, property management, or who's focus is on buyers do great. As far as buyers are concerned, everything is on sale.  Investors building substantial portfolios of properties are perfectly happy to buy properties on sale, rent to maintain cash flow, then make a killing when the market turns, which it always does. There is not a twenty year period, including the depression, in US history where real estate has not gone up beginning to end. Where some people see panic, others see opportunity. During periods of rising prices transaction volume also increases allowing a comfortable living for any number of professionals.  Successful agents are smart enough to recognize where market activity exists and focus their careers where the money is.

Q. Where Are You Taking The School Next?

Our big development push is creating a library of continuing education classes for licensed agents. In addition, license laws are always changing so we have constant maintenance on our existing classes to ensure they remain current. We have also had some inquiries about taking the school into other States either in its present form, or licensing our education platform to schools that do not have an online presence. It's gratifying that professionals in the real estate education industry are taking notice of what we've accomplished.