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Live Webinar - Exam Cram Workshop and Online State Exam Preparation

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Included in this package is the the Exam Cram Live Webinar Workshop and our Online State Exam Prep Center (Value $150.00)


Live Webinar - Colorado Exam Cram Workshop

There is no better way to prepare for the State test than spending a full day (9 am to 5 pm) prepping in a live webinar environment with one of our highly touted instructors. This interactive Exam-Cram Workshop is offered on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The next scheduled workshop is on Saturday, January 16, 2021.

Highlights of the day will be: test taking hints and tips; review of key areas for the National and State exams focusing on critical aspects of: estates, deeds, appraisal, agency, financing, license law, rules & regulations, brokerage relationships, contracts, closings, forms; key real estate terms; real estate math and more. We will also review the test notes as provided by students who have taken the state exam. Bring your own questions for the Q & A with the instructors. We will end the day with a short practice exam and a detailed review of all practice exam questions.


Online State Exam Prep Center

You will have unlimited access to our Colorado Real Estate School Prep Center. The largest database of questions in the industry feeds tailored subject specific exams covering: Real Estate Definitions, Math, National Exam Review, and State Exam Review. Since understanding Colorado Contracts and Regulations are so important to your success on the State test and in your career; we give it special emphasis with a video class detailing this years Real Estate Commission changes to the approved contracts and  2 streaming video instructor-led Colorado Contracts and Regs Review classes we refer to as Facilitated Exams.

This instructional technique is unique to Colorado Real Estate School. In a Facilitated Exam, questions involving those elements of Colorado Contracts and Colorado Contract law, known to be prominent on the State test, appear on the screen. You answer them with immediate feedback as to the correctness of the answer. An instructor appears, redisplays and dissects the question with an in-depth explanation.


Live Webinar - Exam Cram Workshop & Online State Exam Prep
$125.00 USD

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