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Diapers In The Pool – Practical Approaches To Comply With Fair Housing for Brokers and HOAs



Presented by:

Attorney Suzanne Leff

(3 elective CE credit hours)

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Colorado Real Estate Commission Approval: # 107057
(3 elective CE credit hours)

This is not your typical Fair Housing course. Want to avoid legal jeopardy and headline status on the news? The instructor Suzanne Leff is one of Colorado’s foremost attorneys for community associations. This presentation is chock full of down-to-earth information on how to handle difficult situations in community associations not often seen in text books, but experienced by Community Association Managers, landlords, brokers and their attorneys every day.

A wide variety of subjects are discussed, including reviewing accommodation requests for visible and not obvious disabilitiesemotional support animalsfence-climbing autistic children, and medical marijuana. Attention is also given to avoiding intentional and unintentional violations of race as a protected class and the do’s and don’ts of restrictions on children and families who benefit from familial status protections. Special situations, like the obligations of an HOA in neighbor-to-neighbor disputes and harassment, are covered too in this very practical course for managers and brokers.

Following her presentation, Ms. Leff will be joined by real estate attorney Damian Cox for a question and answer session exploring unique aspects of this important topic specifically for HOAs, landlords, and brokers.

Please note that this class is for informational purposes, it is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

No text is required for this course.

Fair Housing  Course video

Fair Housing  Exam

This content is a part of the COX Law Library which is a special collection of Real Estate Continuing Education classes written and presented by Colorado’s foremost attorneys. Each class specifically addresses the issues facing Colorado real estate professionals in today’s market.