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Community Association Manager Licensing Course

Colorado Real Estate School offers the only instructor-led ONLINE course available to fulfill the 24 credit hour educational requirement mandated by the State of Colorado to acquire your Community Association Manager license. Our fully ONLINE streaming video classes are available 24/7 in the comfort of your home or office. Whether you are currently working in this field or want to make it your new career, this is the course for you!

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Community Association Manager Licensing Course

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Exam Cram Workshop

We offer a one day live Colorado Exam Preparation Workshop at our offices to assist you in preparing for the Colorado real estate license exam. The next Exam Cram Workshop will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 9 am - 5:00 pm at our office located at 4155 E Jewell Ave Suite 405, Denver, 80222

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Thank you for such an informative real estate course. After completing and passing my education course I tested within two days and passed the state and national tests on the first try and I have your school to thank for this. I am interviewing within two days and looking forward to a new real estate career. Thank you again. It has been my pleasure working with you!

Carolyn P., December 2016

I wanted to reach out and express my deepest, sincerest appreciation. Thank you for all the incredible support and energy put forth into providing such a valuable and enriching curriculum to us real estate students. It is because of the unconditional willingness and support of great educators, such as yourselves, that allow individuals like me to pursue a dream in working in the prestigious real estate industry. I am so happy to share that I have successfully passed the real estate exam with flying colors on the first try! My success was because of you. Thank you so much for your speedy responses, expertise and encouragement throughout my studies. I am forever grateful and so excited to now take the next steps into this new world of real estate.

Leilani M., November 2016

I wanted to send a Huge thank you for all the support and encouragement that you provided along the way. You were truly the glue that kept my focus on the exam and what it was going to take to nail it. I did, thanks to y'all. Thank you for how well you prepared me!

Ed C., October 2016

I just wanted to send a quick "thank you" note to my Real Estate School, Colorado Real Estate School! I want to let everyone know that your curriculum was top notch. I started my online classes on September 2, 2016, completed my classes on October 9, 2016, then took and PASSED the State and National exam on October 14, 2016. The classes were extremely helpful and I feel like I learned as much as possible with absolutely no extra money spent for additional classes or literature. I feel like Colorado Real Estate School gave me everything I need to be successful in this industry. Thank you so much.

Cindy D., October 2016

I wanted to say Thank You to the entire CRES team. I passed the state exam this past weekend. I was extremely satisfied with the support the team gave, as I had many questions from initial inquiries on the school’s programs and throughout my studies. I am applying for a Reciprocal license and was able to pass the exam successfully by watching the videos on contracts, taking practice exams, participating in the one-day live course and using your Facebook page to review questions with explanations. I appreciate all of your help!

Bryan F., August 2016

A huge thank you to Colorado Real Estate School for awarding me with this scholarship! I couldn't be more appreciative & it couldn't have come at a better time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Melissa G., 2016 Summer Scholarship Winner

I'd like to express my thanks to CRE School for providing a simple, straightforward study system that helped me quickly and painlessly pass the National and State exams on the first try! Well done, Jon and the rest of you at CRE School!

Ross B., July 2016

I just wanted to express my excitement about CRES. My broker told me I should use another well-known pre-licensing course but after taking their free 5-day trial, I was lost, confused and frustrated with the material and barely made it through first RE law section. This may sound corny and solicited but...then I found CRES! I really liked their format and feel, and I flew through the classes. I wanted to make the most of the upcoming Exam Cram Workshop so I hurried and worked hard, spending 12-14 hours/day and finished the course in 2 weeks and 2 days (even though I hoped to finish the 168 hours in 2-3 months)! I got a lot out of the Exam Cram then I took the Broker exam 5 days later and I passed both sides on the first try with an 86% and an 88%! I am absolutely grateful and thrilled with CRES and I will always recommend their course to aspiring agents (even though my brokerage officially recommends the "other guys"). Also, I investigated 10 online schools - they have the best price value out there.

Jared C.., June 2016

Just wanted to thank you. I passed the state and federal exam my first time. It took me some months to get through the course but it gave me all the information I needed. I am now employed and on my way. Thank you again!

Pamela G., May 2016

First of all, I want to thank you for having material so easy to sort through and really understand! I started with a different school a few years ago - took me a few months to get through the material - finished all their testing - but life happened and I never sat for the State/National. Soooo- I had to start over - but really never liked their material so I went with you all. AMAZING! I learned more concepts and understood the content SOOOO much better with CRE! I finished in a few weeks - and sat and passed both exams on the first try with almost a 87%. I am now your biggest advocate!!

Lisa R., May 2016

I am a licensed Realtor in Chicago, and I was looking to pursue my licensing for Colorado in order to manage a new brokerage. I came across the Colorado Real Estate School online and approached them for materials so I could prepare for the State portion of the exam. The course and materials were very easy to follow, and I was most impressed with the combination of required reading and instructor led presentations. It made it very easy to comprehend, and the instructors that covered the classes were very helpful. I would highly recommend Colorado Real Estate School for anyone or agent looking to obtain licensing in Colorado. Their system works!!! Thanks guys!!!

Robert R., January 2016

CRE School, I wanted to extend my appreciation for your program! It was extremely easy to follow and well laid out which led me to a first-time pass on the state and national exams! Cheers for an excellent educational job well done!

Warren L., January 2016

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the school and instructors. I started school on 06/01/15 finished my classes on 08/30/15, took the exam prep on Sept 12th, and took the national and state exams this morning 09/14/15 and passed both on the first try. I know this is due to the great instructors and the way you present the material . I also know that the exam prep class was the final key to being successful on passing the test the first time. Thanks again for everything!!!

David W., September 2015

Not only does CREC adequately prepare you for the exam, but they continue to support their students throughout their careers. I greatly appreciate all the facts and info they regularly post on their Facebook page, but they even go beyond that and provide guidance and direction to their current and past students when no one else seems to have the answers they need. I highly recommend this school!

Jennifer T., April 2015

I just want to say "Thank You" to Jon and the entire staff at CRES! Your program and Cram Course were wonderful and I am happy to say I passed my exam yesterday on my first attempt! I felt completely prepared thanks to your wonderful program and teaching style. Your staff was also wonderful when ever I needed to call with a question. I HIGHLY recommend CRES to anyone interested in real estate! Thanks again!

Shannon R., March 2015

PASSED! Signed up for the course 24 Jan 15 and tested out on 11 Mar 15. Being a husband, father of 3 and active duty service member(working 60-hours per week), the self-paced format was the only way I could get this done. I did all the reading and watched the videos (multiple times), and was more than prepared for the exam. I look forward to my first sale and a new career direction post military retirement. Thank you!

Gary F., March 2015

I am an active real estate investor with 36 units, though I never took the steps to become a licensed broker, given how daunting of a task it seemed to be--not to mention how difficult the licensing exams were rumored to be. Then I found Colorado Real Estate School. Their curriculum made completing my educational requirements fun and easy. And, they prepared me so well, I passed the State and National exams on my first try! I'm now prepared to take my business and profession to the next level thanks to CRES!

Mark W., February 2015

I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for your help. I took and passed both the national and the state exams yesterday on my first attempt. I accomplished this almost completely by following the CRES curriculum as it is presented with the basic plan. It was not easy, but I did not cut corners and found the information relatively thorough and sufficient to pass both exams. Again, I appreciate your help when I needed it and I particularly appreciate the quality program your company delivers. I would definitely return for any other continuing ed or licensing requirements

Steve I., February 2015

It has been 50 years since I had to do any type of studying, let alone take a test like the Real Estate Broker Test. I have to admit that I was a little concerned if I would be able to grasp the knowledge required to pass the test. Thanks to the structure of your online program it was a lot easier than I expected. I really appreciate your videos with each class, and feel the review at the start of each video was extremely helpful in putting the required knowledge and terms into memory for me. Once I had completed the classes the first time, I was able to go back and retake the classes and tests as often as I needed to until I was comfortable that I could pass the state testing. I just completed my test today and scored well above what I needed to pass. Thanks for making this possible. It also proved to me that at 67 I'm still able to start another career to add to my many others.

J Burns, January 2015

I passed both sections today on my first try!!! Thank you for drilling us, for the repetition and the flexibility of the course! It took me a year, being a wife and working mother of two teenagers, but I hung in there and persevered! I've been out of any school type setting for 18 years. I was so nervous about the course, and being able to retain the information for the test, but you made it happen! It wasn't easy, but it was doable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

K Harding, January 2015

I passed the State & National Exam and wanted to say thank you to everyone at Colorado Real Estate School for such a great schooling experience!! I'm a busy Mom to 4 so the online classes worked great for me to work around my family's schedule. Thank you for always being able to answer my questions & helping me with my concerns as I searched for a company to work for. I also went to this months Exam Cram taught by Dave. The test taking tips helped me immensely to get over the anxiety I get from taking tests. I highly recommend everyone going to it. My only regret was I didn't attend sooner. Thank you again, I will always be so grateful to you all for helping me achieve the first step towards my Real Estate career.

Danielle L., January 2015

Online, self paced and a Great sense of pride when you talk to them on the phone. This team know what is needed to pass the test on the first time!! Quick update, first year in business and I closed 12 transactions thanks to Colorado Real Estate School!!

Peter W.,September 2014

I wanted to take this moment to personally thank you so very much for teaching these online classes so well and at such an affordable rate! I took my exam yesterday and passed both sections on the first try! I am so pleased with the school and everything you have done to help me be successful! I also would like to personally thank Dave Muench who was the instructor at my exam cram class this last weekend. I stayed late to ask some questions and he was extremely helpful with answering them for me. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at this school and I will be sure to recommend CRES to everyone! Thank you again!!

Samantha W., November 2014

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime receiving a scholarship with Colorado Real Estate School! Since starting my career in property management in 2005 I have secretly longed to jump into real estate full time. When my fiance finished his courses in March with CRE I knew it was time to finally take a leap of faith and follow my dream of becoming a real estate agent. As a full time property manager with multiple sites, their online courses work great with my busy schedule. I cannot thank CRE enough for investing their time and money in me. If you are serious about finally doing what you love don't wait any CRE today!

Kadija S. - Summer 2014 Scholarship Winner

Thank you CRES! I'm in my 40's and haven't studied or taken tests for a very long time. The online videos were awesome and very thorough. I attended the exam cram, and I feel that was the key to my success! I passed the state and national exams the first time last Saurday! So excited to start this next chapter of my life!

Kathy G. - June 2015

Just wanted to send a big thanks to all of you there at the CO Real Estate School for preparing me to pass both sides of the broker exam the first time I took it today! From the questions you so thoughtfully and thoroughly answered over email (and on Facebook) to the well-thought out and organized online classes to the wonderfully helpful exam cram workshop last weekend, I was very well equipped to properly and strategically handle and answer the questions and to overcome all the difficulties I encountered on the test. So again, thanks a million for making the courses and the exam such a seamless process!

Megan D., June 2015